YOUR CCS team focuses on providing you with individual solutions designed to fit your needs exactly. Working with your own dedicated client consultant, we will create a campaign that efficiently and strategically reaches your target audience in China.


  • 120 million mainland Chinese have passports out of a population of 1.386 billion. 

  • That is just 8% of the population.

  • However this 8% is already the world's biggest spender on international travel.

  • Spending over $277bn in 2018, more than the USA's $186.5bn, and more than the combined total of Germany $104.2bn, Great Britain $68.8bn, and France $57.9bn.

​​In fact, Chinese international tourist numbers are expected to double between 2020 and 2030 and a range of new London-Heathrow size airports are slated to open across inland China in the coming years making international travel even easier for hundreds of millions of people.

As demographics and tastes are evolving and changing, this means that while established major regions and attractions can grow their visitor numbers, regions and attractions that previously had little involvement with China have an opportunity to enter the market and become more China savvy.

With the Chinese being the world's most active online group, the CCS team will work with you to bridge the gap onto crucial Chinese social media and other platforms.


Whether you are looking to attract lucrative package travel operators or independent travelers, a targeted digital media campaign is a simple and efficient way for international vendors to reach and leverage Chinese consumers. We will also work with you to help your product become more China-friendly, exceed expectations, and crucially generate the positive reviews that ensure further business.  


  • Over 120,000 Chinese students enrolled at UK universities in 2018-19

  • Around 90% of Chinese students are self-funded

  • Chinese student numbers in the UK rose 34% between 2015 and 2020

The CCS team knows that Chinese post-millennials and their parents are the most connected and avid social media users in the world. However, because of the disconnect between mainland Chinese social media and the rest of the world, the international education sector needs to jump this gap.


CCS, based in the UK and the heart of China is your bridge.

Together we will tell the Chinese student your brand story through images, words, and video content that is designed to meet their expectations.


We start with insight directly into Chinese students' and parents' needs and expectations from international education, and the optimum platforms on on which to engage with them. We then produce unique creative content and solutions that give the viewer a clear and engaging understanding of your institution designed to make it stand out from the rest.

We follow up with ongoing social media management to generate further online engagement, clear analytics to allow us to continually refine our campaign and crucially drive conversions.


  • London and major UK cities remain top real estate investment destinations for Chinese

  • Record numbers of Chinese children are being educated in the UK and families will buy a home

  • With slowing Chinese economic growth investors are looking overseas for stable investments

After 30 years of unprecedented capital gains in Chinese real estate, this sector is the most popular choice for Chinese looking to park wealth. Whilst the Chinese are already the biggest overseas investors in the UK's property market.


However, their investments look set to increase further. Slowing growth in the Chinese economy means weaker returns from new real estate investments at home, driving people to look for stable investments in favoured destinations such as the UK.

At CCS though, we understand that marketing to Chinese buyers is not easy. Due to cultural expectations and styles, what works in the UK does not necessarily work in China.

We also help the UK real estate sector bridge the gap with targeted Chinese digital marketing and social media, both of which offer cost effective ways to efficiently penetrate all Chinese regions, especially those outside the key cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. 


Crucially, we begin with detailed insight into what the Chinese buyer is looking for and their needs and expectations, we then produce content designed to build the strong developer brand awareness that can efficiently convert into real sales.


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