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China says President Trump is ‘not sincere'

PR China might have no interest in moving forward with trade talks with America now as it sees little "genuineness" in Donald Trump's current approach, according to Chinese state media outlets.

Taoran Notes, a WeChat blog run by state-owned Economic Daily reported “If America doesn't make any fresh moves that truthfully show honesty then it is meaningless for its officials to come to China and have trade talks”. This article was also carried by the state-run Xinhua News Agency and the People's Daily.

America has been speaking about wishing to carry on the talks, but in the meantime it has been playing "little tricks to disturb the atmosphere"," citing Donald Trump's steps this week to restrict Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies.

They continued "We can't see that the US has any substantial sincerity in pushing forward the talks. Rather, it is expanding extreme pressure; If the US ignores the will of the Chinese people, then it probably won't get an effective response from the Chinese side."

The blog repeated tariff deduction, achievable acquisition plans and a composed contract text as China's three main apprehensions, which were first publicized by Chinese vice Premier Liu He. It also wrote that “they mark the official stance and also the will of the Chinese public.”

"In addition, if anyone thinks the Chinese side is just bluffing, that will be the most significant misjudgement since" the Korean War, it said.

America’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared that American officials

"most likely will go to Beijing at some point" in the near future to continue trade talks, before later saying he has "no plans yet to go to China".

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