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Business after Corona

As China tentatively emerges from lockdown and takes stock, we are working with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Chongqing Investment Promotion Centre to organise a range of Webinars between Scottish companies and Chinese business leaders to share experiences from China to help their UK counterparts.

Key takeaways from the Friday 20 March session included a focus on utilising the quiet time created by the lockdown to plan for recovery and put in place a strong post corona growth plan. In China, companies are taking advantage of the spike in already heavy smartphone use to build consumer engagement and drive a post Corona increase in trade.

Drawing on experience from the SARS epidemic, tourism and hotels are expecting a similar year on year increase in leisure and business when restrictions on movement are lifted. Planning to take full advantage of this, many are making a big push on digital marketing during the lockdown and restricted travel periods, introducing special offers, and building brand awareness.

The catering sector also reported comforting results. Most companies that were forced to shutter their physical premises, focused on digital marketing and providing online delivery services, with some seeing an actual year on year increase in business.

The next online webinar is scheduled for Friday 3 April

You can see more about the webinar here with me representing our client, the Chongqing city's investment promotion team: www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/18323146.anticipate-business-crisis-firms-told/

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