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Increase the number and quality of Chinese student applications


Potential students' aged 16-24

Targets include applying undergraduates, masters students, and PhD students

Potential students' parents' aged 40-55

Although students themselves are the strongest decision-makers in most cases, having parental support is beneficial

Clients' key decision drivers








The CCS team specialises in delivering the kind of creative content that engages the Chinese audience and clearly, concisely tells your story. This creativity and our well planned, professional delivery is crucial to creating the online activity that leads to real conversions. 




The UK and China team works with you to completely understand your wider brand strategy and brand values. This will be adapted to a market winning Chinese
context during creative.


The creative team based in China work with you to generate a unique creative campaign that clearly illustrates your brand in a style specially designed to match Chinese consumers' tastes and expectations.


The team creates the raw footage in the UK then sends to the China team for editing. At the same time, the China team handles all elements needed for delivery such as registering official accounts, preparing social media platforms for launch, preparing KOLs.


The China team turns the raw footage into stunning visual content cleanly and creatively illustrating your brand for Chinese consumers.


The campaign launches across all platforms, with follow up social media management, and coordination of physical events and networks.


Chinese people are now the most active online and  social media users in the world. However, this online community is largely isolated within Mainland China. Penetrating this digital region  effectively and strategically is crucial and but also cost effective in terms of ROI.


Your in China team will register your official accounts on each platform and handle all legal requirements. It will then provide cost effective and strategic ongoing management to create active engagement.

This huge Chinese social network combines many of the functions of the most popular Western apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Amazon into one ‘mega-app’. It allows you to shop online, pay vendors like Apple pay, post photos, instant message, and make voice and video calls

Used almost exclusively in mainland China, it has an active monthly user base of over one billion. Used by almost every demographic, from street vendors and taxi drivers to politicians and celebrities, it is a powerful tool for brands looking to attract Chinese consumers.

WeChat Official Accounts are a service launched for companies, organisations, government, media, and celebrities, and enterprises. An official account can be used to promote your brands to millions of users. However, registration of an official account and verification often requires an in-China presence.


445 million monthly active users

One billion users

Often compared to Twitter”, Weibo is one of China's most influential social media platforms, with over 445 million active monthly users. Almost all the Fortune 500 companies are marketing through Weibo.

Our team will help you to fully utilise Weibo's potential to build brand recognition and reach the Chinese consumer. We will 
set up your official account and handle all official verification as required under Chinese law.

We will provide you with expert Chinese language management of your account to ensure that your brand delivery on the platform is sustainable, and deliver clear KPI reports to monitor impact and allow your strategy to effectively evolve.

We can also advise on display ads and Weibo FST (FenSiTong). This is the most cost effective Weibo advertising platform. It works like twitter’s promoted tweets where you can promote your Weibo message to your target audience by various metres such as gender, age, location, or interests.

663 million registered users, 250 million daily

Douyin is the original Tiktok, but is run separately from Tiktok to comply with Chinese mainland laws. This separation from the global app means Western marketing teams have been slow to make use of its full potential.

However, Douyin's impact in China is far larger than Tiktok's has been elsewhere. With apps such as Instagram and Youtube blocked in mainland China, it has filled a role between the two, giving it far reaching marketing potential.

Like Youtube and Instagram, you can set up your own official account, launch quirky videos designed to go viral, and work with KOLs to get better viewing figures. Other features include the trend to set competitions with #, where users compete to create their own similar themed video and get the most views.

500 million monthly active users

Developed by Chinese giant Baidu, iQiyi is now one of the largest online video sites in the world. Whilst it offers TV and films, with rights to screen shows from Netflix and other partners, it also features original user uploaded content.

The company is at the forefront of Chinese online advertising, featuring the country's first interactive advertising.

Presence on the platform radically increases our visibility. The platform also lends itself to 'binge' viewing, with viewers streaming short videos in quick succession, allowing us to quickly and efficiently deliver our brand story.

100 million active monthly users

With around 75% of users being aged under 24, this is a strong platform from which to engage with potential students. Like iQiyi it offers a mix of user uploaded content and films and TV shows.

The platform features a large amount of anime content. Exciting strategies could involve playing on the anime style in the creation of our own content to gain visibility through its unique style gaining shares.

The site also allows users to add comments which run in text across the video at certain times, giving our social media management team a range of opportunities to actively engage with viewers.

500 million monthly active viewers

Once called the Youtube of China and dominating the video platform space, it is now one of many giants. Now merged with its once rival Tudou, it is a mix of user-generated content, licensed movies and TV shows, and its own original content.

As with most other platforms, Youku offers an online viewing analytics tool, which enables us to identify our audience by providing users’ information such as demographics, location, browsing technology and language.

Youku also offers a range of ads such as banner ads including static and animated, text links, buttons, in-stream advertisements, branded viral videos, and pause ads. 

LGBT specific

China's LGBT market is estimated to be worth around $300 to $500 billion annually, and millennials and post-millennials are far more liberal in their attitudes than their parents' generation. A 2020 advert for Chinese e-commerce website T-Mall showing a man bringing his boyfriend home for Chinese New Year went viral, and drew overwhelmingly positive responses.

Targeting LGBT students directly and emphasising the institution's inclusivity and safe environment for LGBT students, and a gay-friendly element to the campaign has the potential to create huge positive impact and visibility.

Blued is now the world's largest social networking app for gay men, with 40 million registered users, mostly in mainland China, and Lesbian social networking app has an estimated 1.5 million registered users and produces its own TV series that are streamed on sites such as iQiyi.



Our key to a sophisticated solution is simplicity, focusing on hitting clear, effective, and strategic goals.

We build an emotional relationship with potential students and their parents, and create the understanding and trust which translates into new applications.

This is can include:

Creative visual tours of the institution and the region focusing on everything from accommodation and campus life to exploring the food, activities, events, and culture of the surrounding area,

Vlogs from current students,

Bitesize tutorials by academics in key subjects,

Focus on key research and influential graduates and staff past and present,

Focus on events and clubs and societies,

Douyin challenges with institution branded prizes,

Videos led by KOLs, 

Videos marking Chinese holidays


LGBT and other minority themed stories with a Chinese angle.

The Chinese online world offers a huge array of key opinion leaders we can harness to increase visibility.

The team has a complete matrix of available KOLs, including analysis of their audience demographics, size, and specialisations. This gives us the ability to create a simple but sophisticated strategy bring into play a large range of permutations from A-list KOLs to niche specialists or a large range of micro-KOLs.

We can also shift the focus away from the KOL to the key opinion consumer (KOC). The KOC sector is seeing rapid growth as audiences look towards less sponsorship driven influencers. 

The cost of KOLs and KOCs varies widely, so finding the right permutation to gain maximum exposure for our budget is crucial. An A-List KOL generating 1 million impressions can be £8,000 or more per post, an industry specific KOL generating 500,000 impressions might be around £3,000, whilst a micro KOL yielding 200,000 impressions could be as low as £300 per post.


As Chinese audiences heavily use video to consume information, we focus on producing unique high quality stories and information and distributing this through rapid and effective online strategies.

We create official accounts with all platforms, the China team handling all legal requirements and verification.

We utilise a network of KOLs and KOCs to fast-track dissemination to the audience.

We create an online community of previous, present, and potential students led and managed by our social media team.

We coordinate with your China agents' to link with their individual campaigns and drive the audience to them. 

We generate online conversation and deliver regular ongoing updates via our social media management team

We deliver a mix of online and physical actions. This could include anything from experiential webinars to give potential students a taster of study, or a full day 'live streamed' by a Chinese student, to a gaming event linkup between young Chinese competitors and the institution's students to take advantage of the wild popularity of gaming in our target demographic.


Physical campaigns such as sponsorship or creation of events such as environmental protection events or events such as International Women's Day, all promoted and covered via our online portals.

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